Our STELR® Support model provides a solid foundation for your business.

Take Control. Get STELR Support.

Today, IT is a key part of every business - not just those with complex applications and infrastructure. Even dealing with IT "basics" means managing internet access, networking, security, backups, email, antivirus, mobile devices, procurement, support...and more.

Juggling that many balls can make it hard to anticipate needs, manage costs, and keep your network (and your business) running smoothly. And bringing in the occasional hired gun only solves the problem temporarily.

That's why we created our STELR Support model. STELR takes the complexity and uncertainty out of managing your IT needs and helps maximize your IT investment. It's a comprehensive, fully managed service model that includes everything you see below...

Systematic Monitoring and Maintenance

Did you know most downtime and system outages can be prevented with a little regular maintenance and monitoring? In fact, according to MSPAlliance, the distinction that sets apart a managed service provider is the proactive delivery of service.

That’s why a cornerstone of our approach is to systematically monitor and maintain the devices and software that underpin your critical business systems. Sleep easy knowing that our systems are watching yours, 24/7, and that we touch all of your computers and network devices each and every month to keep them updated, healthy and secure.

Turnkey Managed Service

We take pride in being a seamless extension of your business - your instant "in- house" IT department. And just like an IT department, we take ownership of your network maintenance - with tools to monitor, update and support your workstations and back office systems.

Our proactive approach means we “touch” each machine every month to check health and apply patches and updates, monitor your backups, and address any issues. We also keep you up to date on support renewals with your key software and hardware.

And STELR also includes a proportional number of labor hours for support and non-maintenance requests at no extra cost to you!

Experienced Technical Team

When you work with SylvanLink, you get access to people with years of IT experience in enterprise business environments. Experience we apply to your specific needs.

Low Monthly Rates

Our proactive, managed approach means less downtime, along with costs that are more predictable - and affordable.

Each month, you'll pay a flat base rate according to the number of devices on your network. The base rate includes monitoring, maintenance, and a proportional number of support hours. This approach takes uncertainty out of your IT investment and helps you manage costs.

And If you need more help during a given month or project, our competitive hourly rates for STELR customers provide additional flexibility when you need it.

Responsive, Friendly Support

Just email or pick up the phone and calls us. We love providing stellar support to our customers!